Frequently Asked Questions

Why is brad using a private website to conduct its Crowd Funding Campaign & not a public Crowd Funding platform?

Public Crowd Funding Campaign platforms generally charge a 5% commission. Five percent could amount to a very large sum of money with our Crowd Funding targets so we believe that your money will be better spent on getting brad up and running.

How do I know this not a scam?

Our registered legal company name is The Airline Group Pty Ltd (ACN ) and we will be trading as “brad”. For peace of mind that we are a legitimate company you can go to ASIC’s website to search our company name at: On the right side of the ASIC Home Page you will see “Search our Registers”. Below that click on “Companies & Organisations. On the new page under “Search ASIC Registers” select the drop down bar for “search within” & click on “Organisation & Business Name” & type in “The Airline Group” in the “For Name or Number” box & click “Go”.

How much does brad plan to raise?

We don’t technically have a limit because the more contributions we receive the stronger we will be as an airline and the more aircraft we can introduce at our time of launch. To give you an indication we have the following targets: a. At $1,000,000.00 we should be able to complete the writing of all the CASA manuals required for our AOC application, pay the CASA fees for them to assess our application and pay the wages/salaries of some of the initial key staff. b. At $2,900,000.00 we should be able to cover all the associated costs of bringing brad’s first aircraft into Australia to complete the AOC application.

If I make a contribution to brad will I receive any shares or securities in the company?

No You are not entitled to any shares or securities in brad. You are only entitled to your FREE future Golden Ticket rewards.

If I make a contribution will brad communicate its airline setup progress to me?

Yes brad will update its progress to all contributors during its setup stage via its twitter account and/or email as it reaches milestones.

What happens to my contribution if brad fails to meet its target raise?

Regardless of how much we raise, if we fail to meet our financial target we will retain your contributions to commence work on our AOC application whilst we continue making reasonable endeavours to raise further funds via different Crowd Funding crowds & other sources.

Are my contributions refundable?

No all contributions are fully non refundable.

Is there a risk that I could lose my contributions without ever receiving my rewards?

Yes. Whilst the Company Directors, Managers & Officers of The Airline Group Pty Ltd (Trading as brad) will make reasonable endeavours to ensure the future success of brad becoming a new domestic airline in Australia, like any early stage project there is a risk that brad may experience changes, delays, unforeseen challenges and it’s possible that brad may not come to fruition.

What will my contributions be used for?

Your contributions will be used to fund the start up costs of brad.

When can I start redeeming my FREE Golden Ticket rewards?

Once you make your contribution brad will email you to confirm your contribution amount. You can only redeem your FREE Golden Tickets after CASA issue our AOC, give us permission to commence passenger flights & give us permission to commence selling tickets to the general public.

Can I redeem my FREE Golden Ticket rewards on any other airline?

No. Each brad FREE Golden Ticket reward can only be redeemed on future flights scheduled on brad, as displayed on the brad reservation system, at the time you reserve your seats. Each individual brad Golden Ticket covers one direct non-stop flight between any two cities displayed on our reservation system at the time you reserve your seat.

Will there be any other costs charged to me when I redeem my FREE Golden Ticket rewards?

Yes once you redeem your tickets and select the routes that you wish to fly on you will be charged the following additional fees: a) GST (If applicable) b) Government & Airport fees & charges applicable to the brad route you have chosen to fly on. c) Any other taxes or charges the Australian Tax Office (ATO) deems payable by you at a personal or corporate level in association with you receiving your FREE brad Golden Tickets.

How long will it take from the time of its initial application for brad’s CASA AOC to be issued?

Currently CASA estimates 12 to 14 months but there could be unforeseen delays. This should be good timing for a return of Australian domestic airline passengers post Covid-19.

If I contribute to brad and I am a founding contributor will I be offered further Golden Tickets in subsequent years?

Yes, as a founding contributor, you will always be given priority to purchase future Golden Tickets at competitive prices in subsequent years after CASA clear us to begin airline operations.

Is the aircraft shown on this crowd funding site the actual aircraft that brad will be operating?

Not necessarily. The aircraft shown is an Airbus A321. This aircraft is known as a narrow body, single aisle aircraft. Aircraft in this class generally carry between 110 and 240 passengers. At brad, we plan to operate aircraft in this category. Both Boeing and Airbus manufacture these types of aircraft. The actual aircraft type we will operate will be determined by a number of factors, including but not limited to, aircraft availability and lease prices at the time brad will be leasing it’s aircraft. The purpose of showing this aircraft is to display the future livery (paint colour scheme) that will be on brad aircraft.

Can I make multiple contributions to receive multiple rewards?

Yes. There are no limits but you will need to make multiple contributions to achieve this.

Will all the seats on all the brad flights be available for me to reserve my FREE Golden Tickets.

No. Only 10% of seats in each of the three classes, respectively, being brad basic, brad + & brad class, on any given brad flight, will be available for you to reserve, so it’s very important that you reserve your seats in advance, so that you are not disappointed.

Can I reserve my FREE Golden Ticket seats on all of brad’s flights every day of the year?

No. There will be a 4-day blackout period from the Wednesday preceding the start of all school holiday periods in every state & territory respectively, across Australia, up to the first Saturday of all school holiday periods commencing, respectively, in every state & territorty across Australia. There will also be a 4-day blackout period from the Thursday preceding the end of all school holiday periods in every state & territory, respectively, across Australia up to the final Sunday of all school holiday periods in every state & territory, respectively, across Australia. You cannot reserve your FREE Golden Ticket seats on any brad flight within the blackout period in any state or territory, respectively, during these periods. Outside of these blackout periods you can reserve your FREE Golden Ticket seats on all other brad flights, subject to availability of the 10% of designated seats in each class respectively, on all brad flights.

Will my FREE Golden Tickets be transferable

Yes. For a nominal fee of $15 you will be able to change the name on the ticket once.

How long will I have to use my FREE Golden Tickets?

You will have 3 years from the time brad launches its first flight. As there are a limited number of FREE Golden Ticket seats per flight we strongly recommend that you start to redeem your tickets early so that you don’t miss out using them within the 3-year period. You will forfeit any tickets not used within 3 years of our first flight at the 3rd anniversary. The longer you wait approaching the end of the 3 year period to try and redeem your FREE Golden Ticket seats you run the real possibility that you may not be able to redeem your seats at all. It is your sole responsibility to manage the redemption of your brad FREE Golden Ticket seats within the 3-year period. Golden Ticket seat availability is calculated by brad evenly over the entire 3-year period. There will be strictly no extensions of the 3-year period unless something brad has done has caused a reduction in the number of available seats, in which case, at the sole discretion of brad, you will be granted a short extension period beyond the initial 3 year period to redeem your seats.

Why won't this website run on my Google Chrome browser?

It's probably because your browser is out of date so completely delete the browser app from your computer or device and download the latest version from the app store.