Handwritten Message Service

What is it?

The HD personal Handwritten Message Service is perfect for last minute cards, especially if you don't have time to order the card and then send it yourself. The service is free and I (Sarah) will neatly handwrite your personal message and post the card First Class, directly to the recipient.

Unless they distinctly know your handwriting, they'll not notice it wasn't you who wrote it! Having the card handwritten rather than printed is so much more personal and will hopefully help deliver a smile!

How do I use it?

If you'd like your card to be handwritten on your behalf, simply choose the card you want to send, type your message into the 'Add handwritten message' box, and put the recipient's address in as the Shipping Address. Please take care when writing your message as I will handwrite it exactly as it's entered.

When will the completed card be sent?

The card will be posted First Class on the day you order it if it's before 12pm on a working day, otherwise it will be the next business day. Royal Mail state that 93% of First Class post is delivered on the next working day, but occasionally delivery can take up to three working days. Please bear this in mind when ordering. Remember to add the recipient's name and address into the Shipping Address section during the checkout process. 

The card will be received just as if you had posted it yourself - no invoices, no printed postage, and the envelope will be handwritten, with a stamp attached - no printed postage. It saves you leaving the house!

Can you send an HD print with the handwritten card?

Certainly! If you'd like to send a Holywood Design print with your card, add it to your basket too. Please note that no invoices will be included in the board envelope that both items will be sent in and that the print will be concealed in a cellophane bag and then in tissue paper, sealed with an HD sticker.